Choosing an Infrared Thermographer

Choosing an Infrared Thermographer

Other companies offer infrared thermal imaging, but do their equipment, training, and insurance measure up? It is hard enough to select a traditional inspector, but how do you select one who uses infrared thermography? Asking these questions will ensure you find a qualified company.

Questions to Ask a Thermographer / Inspector

1) What is the resolution of your infrared camera?

Ask yourself…Do you want vacation photos taken with a 2 or 10 megapixel camera? The answer is obvious, so make sure your inspector uses a high resolution camera. This is the key factor in determining image clarity, allowing the inspector to make a more accurate diagnosis.

2) What is the thermal sensitivity of your infrared camera?

Infrared cameras are designed to find small temperature differences. As camera sensitivity is improved, the capability to find defects is increased. US Inspect uses cameras with sensitivity of 0.07 degrees.

3) What is your level of training and did it include real-world field training?

Our inspectors undergo extensive classroom and field training and have Level I or Level II certification.

4) Does your E&O (Professional Liability) insurance cover infrared inspections? 

US Inspect’s does. Infrared inspections are not covered by the insurance carried by most other inspectors.

5) How many infrared inspections have you conducted? 

US Inspect has performed 1,000’s of infrared inspections in Atlanta since 2005.

6) Are the photos on your website from your inspections or were they provided by the camera manufacturer?

All of our images were captured during inspections we actually performed.

7) Do you charge an extra fee for the use of an infrared thermal imaging camera during the inspection?

Our fees for buyer inspections and mold assessments include an infrared scan.