Design Trend For Your Accommodation in 2019

According to experts, the 2019 home design trend will be a modern and minimalist way. This trend is becoming more popular and more effective because it saves a lot of space, bringing convenience to users.

Minimalist style

This method is to simplify the elaborate patterns in the minimalist style and increase the utility of objects, which are convenient for users.

Color according to your own personality

Color is a very important element in this architectural design style. Usually, neutral colors are used for household items or wall colors. It will not only create a light, but also create a feeling of a more open space. However, for young people, the trend of combining hot tones and opposite colors is quite common.

Take advantage of natural light

Using natural and artificial light intelligently can create light effects; which bring the beauty of light into the house space, especially the kitchen. Because the house is simply designed, lighting will be an intermediary factor to help highlight the interior features and decorative colors of the house.

Use simple decoration furniture

For modern villas, furniture with simple but elegant beauty is always the first choice. For example, the line of negative gas stove designed in modern minimalist style is favored by many homeowners because it saves space and is relatively safe. The shiny glass design also brings elegant beauty and contributes to the expansion of the house. Moreover, it also gives the room a sparkling and luxurious look.

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