Top 10 special birthday gifts for girlfriend

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Birthday is a great opportunity for gentleman to express his love to his sweetheart. Unique and interesting gifts will definitely help you achieve high score in your sweetie’s eyes. Please join us immediately to consult the top 10 most wonderful girlfriend’s birthday gifts here.


Lipstick is one of the most meaningful birthday gifts for every girl. The reason is so simple that Lipstick is definitely the world of women. Lipstick is the language of seduction, love and passion. If you always complain that you do not understand your girl at all, you just need to do a simple job. Buy a lipstick for her! However, you need to know your girlfriend’s preferences in order to choose a suitable one for her.


Teddy bear

Teddy bears will always the best gift for girl, especially on her birthday. Because when trying to pursuit happiness, we always look upon the sky and count for the star. We always think of buying luxury ring for her or something else. It sound like a common mistake of every man. A secret tip is that even a special girl like small and cute teddy bears. In the world of woman, teddy bears play the role of the old good days when she was a child. So, buy a teddy bear for her!


It does not mean you need to buy a really expensive bottle of perfume to express your concern to your girl. There are always many other ways to do that. However,you need to remember that If cosmetics make the beauty of girls, perfume will plus charm and appeal more. Perfume is one of the gifts selected by many gentlements as a birthday gift for girls.

When choosing perfumes, you should choose the ones that have a light, pleasant fragrance . To choose the right perfume that your girl love, you should seek for advice from her relatives.

source: Giftsmate


Plain T-shirts are also one of the special gifts that you could choose as a gift for your girlfriend. A T-shirt could be your own message to your girlfriend. The shirt will be worn by your girlfriend wherever she goes, will definitely mark your relationship’s memories. It is a highlight of your relationship, a considerable mark of the matur of your love. You should choose a plain T-shirt which has a high  ranking of reputation to ensure quality as well as bring satisfaction to your girlfriend.

Picture frames

Photo frames are also one of the top 10 most meaningful girlfriend birthday gifts you can choose from. A beautiful photo frame need to have a unique lovely and cute design. That picture frame is where to show a photo of two people with the aim of recording a memorable moment of couple. All of them are printed and inserted into frames to become the most interesting and meaningful birthday gift.

When your true love receives this gift, she will surely be very thrilled and surprised. Certainly, this picture frame will become her carry-on baggage during the journey and remind her about a beautiful love.

A book or a novel

Books or novels are also one of the right gifts to give to girls on her birthdays. In particular, for those who have a hobby of reading or love novels, this is really a meaningful gift.

When you choose to give her a book, it will help you become a subtle and wonderful person. Especially, it will be more interesting if both of you have same the view.


A small, lovely watch will also become an impressive gift for a girl’s birthday. When you give your lover a watch , it is the symbol to confirm your love forever.

Time is the clearest proof of your promise. You can choose double watch patterns and place two people ‘s engraved names on it to increase meaning.

Hand bag

Handbags are an indispensable item for women. The bags will always accompany her anywhere, any event. If you are wondering if you should choose a girlfriend’s birthday gift, you should choose a handbag. This is the safe and practical choice you should give her on this special day.

Mini bonsai pot for table

If you do not know what to give your girlfriend for your birthday, you can choose mini bonsai pots for table. These bonsai pots not only help fresh air, reduce fatigue when she watch it. This is really a cute gift.

If you have a skillful hand, you can do it yourself; otherwise you can buy in the shop selling bonsai. You should choose to buy trees according to the sense of love in order to express your interest and affection for her


If you are skilled, you can make handmade products to give to her on your birthday. This gift is not only meaningful but it also contains many feelings for her.

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