14 ways to decorate your bedroom simple but super nice for your home in 2019

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14 ways to decorate your bedroom simple but super nice for your home

Bedroom is definitely the most private room in all your private spaces because it is the room where you will spend all your free time to enjoy your pleasures or even a small office. For so many purposes, never leave your bedroom boring, you could refresh it periodically after a certain period of time by changing some small furniture, bedding sets or even choosing one newly painted wall colors. This idea handbook will tell you 14 great tips and easy to implement! Let’s get ready to prepare!

Raw concrete material

Concrete, a material that is often overlooked because of the coldness of indoor furniture, can make your interior stand out with a minimalist appearance. If you like the aesthetics of concrete, you could choose materials of the same shape, such as a square-shaped sliding door in a special space like a bedroom.

Anniversary photos

We are used to hang anniversary photos in the living room, but what about the bedroom? Photos are a great way to recall memories and, in a special place like your bedroom, can bring a close, warm feeling in your free time. It is also a very simple way to decorate the walls, combined with beautiful frames and different photos.


If you are looking for a practical and economical option to renew the bedroom wall, vignette wallpaper is the perfect way. There are countless designs and colors that represent all styles as well as personal creativity.

Raw bricks

This material, many years ago, which is considered something that should never appear in a modern bedroom, is currently becoming increasingly popular in the Americas. A rough brick wall is ideal for those who like the industrial style and those who prefer a liberal, daring lifestyle. Also, when choosing this material as a bedroom wall, focus all the remaining decorations on it and you will not be disappointed.

Decorate bedroom walls with mirrors

If your bedroom is small, in addition to light colors, you can use mirrors to decorate the wall. Placing a big mirror with an art deco frame not only helps to expand the space but also attracts all the looks and extremely convenient for fashionistas. However, you should consult the experts that mirrors are also quite sensitive decorations.

Innovative Small Bedroom Decor Glamour Italian Bedroom Ideas

Wall pictures

Placing a large themed picture, that you are interested on the bedroom wall, is the simplest way to get a unique bedroom with simple décor. Music, nature, art, travel,… what’s your favorite topic!

Art stickers

The decorative wall stickers are a practical and easy solution to mix colors, even with kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms, very simple and fast.

Use pastel wall paint colors

A soft pastel color is most frequently used in the bedroom because of its ability to create a quiet atmosphere, perfect harmony, ideal for relaxation.

Combining sculptures or paintings

If you’re an art lover, don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your bedroom, especially when decorating the wall like this beautiful bedroom picture.

Decorate the wall with suitable colors

A bedroom with white color can light up the space of the bedroom. A room, that combines strong colors, can bring a very different new energy and vitality. However, you should be careful when combining colors because they need a certain degree of harmony to make the bedroom really cozy and relaxing. Therefore, light contradicted tones will help creating a perfect balance and interesting visual sensations.

Light effects

A normal wall can become more precious when combined with appropriate lighting. Try incorporating light with different intensity and lighting arrangement so that your bedroom becomes sparkling at night.

Colored wallpaper combining with vivid images

The stickers that we mentioned above not only change the aesthetics of the room, but can also make the wall much more vivid if you choose vivid images that combine bright colors, such as the bedroom below.

Rustic, traditional style

An architectural trend is very hot now is a rustic style. If this is your choice, stone is a material that should not be missing in your interior. Of course, natural stone is very good but there are also excellent alternative materials such as wood-paneled walls that can add color and light very well.

Hanging gardens

Hanging gardens are a fairly common trend in modern furniture. If you feel your bedroom is a little stuffy, do not hesitate to decorate the wall with beautiful plants. Dexterously coordinating the design and hanging plant pots can also achieve aesthetic effect no less than expensive furniture or pictures.

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