Art deco tips for your lovely garden.

You can take advantage of the available items in the house – a stone with strange shape, a tree root or even debris from a wine barrel or a warm-cut tap … to “design” the garden.

A flower garden in your family’s living space not only serves as a green space to bring nature into the house, contributes to air purification, enhances living conditions but also helps increase the aesthetics of the house. A beautifully designed flower garden can help completely change the look of your home. So, would you like to “design” your garden by yourself? Please talk to the experts. With 12 basic suggestions below you can “create” so a space is both poetic and warm around your home.

Chelsea FS 1991. Daily Telegraph garden. herb knot garden with gazebo

To make the garden look modern, replace the one-color green grass, divide them into plots to grow low-grade trees with different colors. As a result, you will have a very vigorous “plant picture”.

In order to combine modern and ecological design in your own garden style, natural materials are popularly employed as a significant trend in our world of style: wood and metal are also considered as a good combination for the Garden of the house. Dark chairs (wood, iron) look simple but stylish.

There is a simple trick that could make your Garden look attractive – you could create small, winding paths. Guest, who comes to visit your house, must be very excited when walking on those winding paths, because they could encounter the feeling that these paths lead to “rendezvous”.

Follow the winding paths, you should put ”gifts” so that they always suddenly appear before the eyes of the audiences. Even animals as figures, such as birds, frogs and snails give the lawn more charm. For example, a “parrot” parrot made from a tire. Moreover, you could put figures engraved with a “welcome” lettering greet guests right next to the front door. Thanks to the presence of this “character”, your garden will become more unique and fun. Be creative and dare to change!

A art deco villa is difficult to be considered beautiful without the trees. The grass in the garden just adorns the house and makes our living space become fresh and relieved.

Planting trees with diverse kinds (wood stems, grass stems, vines, broad-leaved leaves, coniferous leaves, flakes, etc.) and different colors (green, purple, red, yellow …). You can also “color” the home painting by using the border with white, yellow and pink flowers “installed” across a green grass.

You do not necessarily have to take care of “design” for your garden very well. Don’t be afraid to break the “rules” if you feel it gives you “pleasure”. For example, sometimes in the middle of the ground you can randomly put a tall tree.

Let your garden become “unprecedented”, please take advantage of the items available in the house when “design”. It could be just a stone with a strange shape, a lovely mirror, a stump of a tree or even debris from a wine barrel or a teapot…

In order to have a beautiful art deco design for your home garden, you should keep in mind that when you plant trees, make them harmonize with each other and with the color of background. For example, choosing yellow flower flap and red flower cluster is suitable with the white swing in the background.

Your “Queen” for your Garden may be an artificial lake or a rock. The beautiful layout formed from plants and flowers which are planted around the lake will make your garden much more romantic.

An easier way to highlight the garden is to use “lamp” plant pots so that we can light at night. This highlight also has the advantage of being able to move and to “mix” with various kinds of trees when you want to “refresh” your garden.

And the last thing – definitely you have to design a convenient location in the garden so you can sit and relax and watch what your clever, diligent hands have created.

The perfect and professional landscape design for a garden is certainly hard to achieve. However, combining your potential creativity with the rules which were just suggested above, you will probably create a “wonder”.

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